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If you have an issue with your order, or have any questions/concerns please email me with your order number and I’ll get right back to you. If you have/find any issues with the website/checkout please let me know so I can fix the issues. The website is brand new and hasnt gone through much QA testing, so if you find anything please pass it along.





Why is everything pre-sale?

Everything on the website (with the exception of stickers or products otherwise stated) is pre-sale unless otherwise noted in the product description. Pre-sales are done to ensure that I don’t need to cut corners to save money and potentially sacrifice product quality when ordering inventory that could sit around un-sold. Thanks to pre-sale, I can order the exact amount of shirts I need from the manufacturer and not have to worry about making cheaper items to save money when putting in bulk inventory orders. This lets me sell you the highest quality products possible.

How long will it take for me to get my items after ordering?

As previously stated, everything on this website is pre-sale unless otherwise noted. Pre-sales will typically last for 2 weeks while I collect orders, then manufacturing takes 2 weeks. From there, the shirts have to be shipped to me from the factory which typically takes about 1-2 weeks. If you add all those together, your products should ship from anywhere between 2-6 weeks after putting in your order. In some extreme cases in the past (due to manufacturing errors), customers have waited as long as 2-3 months to get their shit. But it’s unlikely that those manufacturing errors can come up again as I have remedied these errors with the factory to ensure they don’t happen again.

Do you ship worldwide?

YES I SHIP WORLD WIDE – ***BUT*** If you live outside of USA/Canada you will most likely be choosing the “ground shipping” option, which Canada Post says can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks to arrive. Air mail is faster, but much more expensive. Both options do not include tracking. Either way, international shipping is such a nightmare that I must make it clear:
I have only had 1-2 in the hundreds of packages I’ve sent go missing internationally, so I wouldn’t worry about it. But don’t fucking complain to me about your package taking over a month to arrive because you live in a third-world European shithole. If you live in Mexico and your package gets snatched off your porch (this has happened to a customer) I cannot do anything about it. Sorry.

Why are the shirts more expensive than the last run?

Nothing beats quality. I decided to bump up the quality of shirts *AGAIN* to the most expensive/thickest shirt stock I could find. This cost me another $4 more per shirt – meaning I charge $4 more per shirt. If you want a shitty quality shirt, steal my design and print it yourself on a cheap gildan shirt.
Why did I bump up the shirt quality again and make the shirts more expensive? Because I don’t like wearing mid-quality clothing. Having good quality clothes that I personally want to wear is far more important to me than making money. End of story.
These shirts are of similar quality you would see in $80USD designer shirts.

How often do you have have drops/sales?

Not often enough, but I’m going to be doing drops more frequently going forward.

Do you re-run old designs? (i.e. Epstein Lolicon shirt)

I try not to. When something is on the website you will only have one chance to get it. I re-run some designs if I get enough requests… But in order to keep things rare I try to have new products on every drop.

Who designs your merch?


Why is shipping so expensive?

A.) I live in Canada
B.) The shirts are insanely high quality and can weigh as much as 2x what a regular t-shirt weighs. Shipping is calculated by weight through Canada Post. Heavier shirts means heavier packages means more expensive shipping.
C.) Free shipping for orders over $200.

Do you accept returns?

No, unless:
A.) I sent you the wrong size/design
B.) I messed up your order in some other retarded way
C.) There was a manufacturing/quality error with the shirt